Neville Goddard: The Duality of Man | How A Thief Played His Part in Neville’s Manifesting

In one of his most important lectures, The Duality of Man, Neville Goddard tells the fascinating story of how he manifested 2 sold out cinema tickets for his brothers with the unwitting and unasked for help of a thief.
The central theme of the lecture is that God made everything for it’s purpose and can use anyone or anything as a bridge of incidence towards our wish fulfilled. We shoul dnever judge

us how to live from the end, live from the wish fulfilled – through real life stories and biblical interpretation

Topics covered include:
Manifesting for others | The power of imaginal acts | | The cost of the pearl of great price | You are all in or not in at all | Churchianity is not Jesus | Horoscopes…

The audio for this lecture has been completely remastered to provide the best quality recording possible for these very old Neville Goddard tape recordings.

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Neville Goddard is considered one of the most influential thought leaders and speakers of the 20th century. His teachings derive from Metaphysics with references from the Bible.

Neville Goddard interprets biblical scripture in a way that is clear and easy to understand. He views it as an instruction manual for how to create the life you want. Throughout Neville’s teachings he dissects scripture, revealing the underlying lessons about how to use our creative power through use of creative imagination, self-talk, feeling it real and focusing our attention on what we do want in life.

His talks are still relevant today and standout among the greatest law of attraction explanations of all time – you will find gems of wisdom in each and every one of his talks.

Some of our most cherished thought leaders acknowledge Neville’s wisdom as the turning point for their personal transformation and thousands across the world credit their success to Neville.

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