Desire IS the Direction

Today BT and I are diving deeper into Neville Goddard’s “law of assumption,” which comes from his book, The Power of Awareness.

Neville was an American author who taught from a perspective of higher truth. He fully believed in what he was teaching and got tremendous results in his own life. He was confident that you could change your life by changing how you think about and speak into the “problems” you might be having.

The law of assumption is about using your imagination correctly and “assuming” the right things. We’re always assuming things, all the time. Are your assumptions helping you manifest what you want?…or what you don’t want?

Using our imagination is the first step in creating what we want. We can build an image of something we want in our mind, even if we don’t yet have it in our hand. When we focus on that image—and stay in the conscious expectancy of it—we start to assume it’s going to happen.

In this episode you’ll learn:

How to be in control of your imagination, until the thing you desire is manifested in your life
What it means to “rest in the assumption that you already have what you want”
The difference between your genetic DNA and your spiritual DNA (both of which you were born with)
Why your desire gives you direction for your life
Why doubt and fear attacks your thinking and is very crippling—it takes over your imagination and causes you to build images of what you don’t want

If you’re not getting what you want, then there’s something amiss with your mindset—you may be misusing your imagination and expecting the wrong things.

You have to yield to that feeling of the wish being fulfilled. In that yielding, expect amazing things to come your way.

The Premise Of Pursuit

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